SEAS is sponsoring up to 8 bursaries for participating in the 8th International Attachment Conference, Vancouver, 2019: 4 bursaries of 1000 $ for participants from developing economies countries and 4 bursaries of 500 $ for PH.D. and Post-doc students from all other countries.


Criteria for Application:

  • Applicant must be a member of the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (the non-member registration rates includes one year’s membership to SEAS at no additional charge please complete the application form which you can find on the society website).
  • Applicant must be Ph.D. student or post-doc researcher (non-graduates and undergraduates will not be eligible)
  • Applicant must be an Early Career Researcher within the first five years of a research career, but exceptionally up to 10 years.
  • 4 bursaries of 1000 € are also available for individuals coming from eligible countries as reported on SEAS website:
  • Applications must be sent to by March 20 2019.


Bursaries will be offered for a total amount of 6000 $:

4 bursaries of 1000 $ for participants from developing economic countries (see list on SEAS website)

4 bursaries of 500 $ for all other participants according to criteria reported above



  • Although not a requirement, submitting an abstract for the conference will enhance your application.
  • Applicants must commit to attendance on hearing if they have been accepted for a bursary.
  • Payments:
  1. will only be made upon submission of receipts
  2. will only be made if proof is provided of attendance at the conference
  3. will be given to delegates on site at the conference from the registration desk.  In exceptional circumstances we may pay travel costs in advance, where it would be impossible for attendance otherwise.
  • All applications will be acknowledged. If you do not receive an acknowledgement you should assume you application has not been received.  Applications should not exceed the stipulated word count for the requested statements on the application form