Post-Conference Workshop in Vancouver, following the SEAS, International Attachment Conference (IAC)

July 21-23, 2019

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Led by: Dr. Marlene Moretti & Colleagues

Adolescents today face a rapidly changing world, with unprecedented social, cultural, technological and economic challenges. Like younger children, the quality of their attachment relationships with caring adults has the potential to buffer teens from adversity and to promote resilience.

Connect, is an attachment based and evidence supported program that grew out of the recognition of attachment security as a key determinant of adolescent mental health and the need to address the gap in attachment focused interventions for this age group. Security within the parent-child relationship is one of the most robust protective factors for adolescent mental health. Building on research and clinical practice, Connect brings the building blocks of secure attachment to families of children and teens (ages 8-18) with serious behavior and social-emotional challenges. This 10-week program invites parents and other caregivers to meet together in small groups with two Connect facilitators to engage in new learning, dialogue, role-plays and reflective activities that strengthen parental reflective function, caregiver sensitivity, dyadic emotion regulation and shared partnership.

Connect is listed as a recommended program by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and is listed as promising under the California Evidence Based Clearinghouse for child welfare. It has been implemented across Canada, Sweden, Italy, Australia and in the USA. Program material is available in English, French, Swedish and Italian. Peer-reviewed research shows that Connect helps parents and teens make significant strides toward better mental health and positive family functioning.  Treatment benefits have been shown to continue and even significantly increase over a two-year follow up period. Caregivers experience Connect as safe, respectful, collaborative and strength focused, with around 85% of parents completing the program.

This training workshop is limited in size and reviews each aspect of Connect, including engaging caregivers and addressing treatment barriers; the importance of attachment during adolescence; the impact of trauma on attachment; and detailed session demonstrations including role-plays and reflection exercises. Practitioners attending the three-day training have opportunities to work together in small groups with a Connect trainer to practice delivery of the program.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This training is suitable for a wide range of health practitioners including psychologists, social workers, clinical counsellors and community mental health workers with experience in working with families, pre-teens and teens. Group therapy experience is not required but is an asset.

DAY ONE ONLY: Attend Day 1 to learn about attachment, adolescence and mental health; the impact of trauma on attachment; theoretical and research foundations of the Connect Program; and a detailed introduction to the first three Connect sessions.

FULL THREE DAYS: The full workshop is for practitioners who wish to acquire an in-depth understanding of the attachment principles, program techniques and therapeutic change mechanisms. *Registration fee to the full 3-day workshop includes the cost of the Connect manual which can be taken home.

CERTIFICATION: Practitioners who wish to deliver the Connect Parent Group Program must complete certification based on video tape review of 10 sessions, which is required for certification as a Connect Group Leader at an additional cost of $1500 CAN per leader. Consider attending with a partner, as two facilitators are required to run the group. Space is limited.


Registration Fees:

  • Day 1 only: $250
  • Full 3 days: $850
  • Full 3 days plus certification: $2350
  • Student Full 3 days: $425
  • Student Full 3 days plus certification: $1675


Registration is limited to 24 spaces.